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Mom, I don't feel well and I don't have any chicken soup....

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

What is a mom to do when your kids live miles away? "Don't worry mom I have Panera bread and Progresso chicken soup at home."

So now I go into, are you crazy mode, and look for flights to Baltimore, Maryland. Once I realized I lost my mind I made an educated decision, I ordered ingredients from door dash. It wasn't about the chicken soup she had, it was the fact that it wasn't homemade.

I ordered all the ingredients including a pot because I couldn't remember if she had one and I had it delivered later that day.

"Mom your crazy, which we all know, but thank you, and can we cook it in the morning."

1 large chicken cut in 1/8ths

1 small bag of carrots

3 stalks of celery cut into smaller sticks

1 bag of parsnips peeled and cut into chunks

1 large onion with skin on

6 whole cloves of garlic

1 large sweet potato

1 bunch of fresh curly parsley

1 bunch of fresh dill

salt and pepper to taste

Lieber's Sack'n-boil bags

1 large pot

water to cover all the vegetables

Rinse the chicken and place it in a bag. Then drop it into the pot. Next, place the vegetable you are going to keep and eat, such as the carrots celery, and parsnips, in individual bags so you can add them back into the cooked soup at the end. Once they are bagged put them in the pot. Unless you are going to eat the onion and garlic place them in a bag together and put them in the pot. Take haLf the bunch of parsley and dill rinse it well as it may have dirt on them and place it together in a bag and put in the pot. Save the remaining parsley and dill to garnish the soup. When everything is in the pot cover it with water. Make sure not to bring the water level too high as it will boil over. Bring the soup to a boil and simmer for 6-8 hours for a richer broth. The sack and boil bags make straining the soup simple. When the soup is done take out all the bags, strain the soup add back the vegetables you want to eat. You can add soup noodles of any kind and you are on the road to recovery. Homemade chicken soup made just like mama's yet better because it was on my own.

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