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College Cooking

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Hi Everyone,

If you have children going off to college you may have thought about how they will cook for themselves when they are on their own. In a perfect world, your teenager will be interested in cooking and they will take the time to learn from you in the kitchen before they leave for school. In the real world, time flies by and the opportunity might be missed. In some cases, like my son- who has a mother who loves to cook and three sisters who are happy to do everything for him, there was no need or interest for him to try his hand in the kitchen. Until he realized that carry out is expensive and he missed home cooking! One day out of the blue, came a text from my son asking how to make my yummy brussel sprouts. I thought, how sweet, he loves my brussel sprouts! A few days later, another text came- how do I make an easy chicken recipe? I thought, how wonderful, he is trying to cook on his own more! A couple of days later , another text- do I need cooking spray on the cookie sheet to make cookies? My next text was to one of my daughters asking if my son had a girlfriend that I should know about!! Either way, he did learn how to make two very easy chicken recipes, apricot chicken and honey mustard chicken. Happy Cooking!

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