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What does keeping kosher mean to you?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What does keeping kosher mean to you and how are you able to make all those fun recipes that don't appear to be kosher?

We follow the simple rules of not mixing milk and meat. This is why with all the new food options today keeping kosher is easier than ever. Milk and cheese products can be replaced with almond, coconut soy, and oat-based products. None of them contain milk and each one has an acquired taste. By incorporating all these exciting new products we can make just about anything. Most secular recipes can be converted if you are creative and willing to take chance on making something new that hopefully tastes like the original recipe. So now People can get excited about how we make recipes that recommend mixing milk and meat. We improvise and play until the recipe tastes the way we want it to taste. It takes time and patience but when we get it right it is worth the effort.

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