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What happens when your cooking partner goes on vacation?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I am going to set the scene for you….It is the first week of December break. The week leading up to Shabbat dinner on Christmas eve. My cooking partner leaves town for vacation. At this point there are no orders for dinners so I felt secure in the notion that it would be a nice quiet week for me. Suddenly the stillness of vacation is shattered! Silver Linings Cooking emails are pouring in with orders for Shabbat dinner to go! Here I am , by myself, with 10 orders to cook for!! So how does one handle cooking for the masses? Two words- Organize and Prep! Of course the first thing to do is to take stock of your recipes and buy your groceries. The second step is to organize your recipes in terms of the order in which they can be cooked. See which recipes can be made ahead and refrigerated. For instance , soups, certain desserts, or a dressing for a salad can be made ahead. The third step , and it's my favorite, is the prep. What can I prepare ahead to make my cooking day easier? Looking through all of my recipes I check for anything that I can chop or slice or mix ahead . If I need onions for multiple recipes I dice or julienne or however I need to cut them ahead and keep them in containers in my fridge ready to go. Peel and cut your vegetables the day before you are ready to cook your soup. If you are making a pie, the crust can be done ahead of time. The list goes on and on….Prepping helps you to feel in control and alleviates the stress of getting all of your cooking done in a timely manner. So….I organized, shopped, prepped, cooked for the masses, and I loved every minute of it!

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