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Why We Eat Brisket On Thanksgiving and Not Turkey

Main Reason: My family does not like turkey! So why do we eat brisket? Because it is comfort, tradition, and delicious!! What makes it so good? I personally think that it is the abundance of red and yellow chopped onions at the bottom of the pan. I use the whole brisket, which means, first cut, second cut, and the fat layer in between. (Just an FYI, the second cut is often called the deckel.) The layer of fat keeps the brisket moist while cooking and is cut off when slicing to be served. I use Liptons or Goodmans onion soup mix, Bennet's chili sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, granulated garlic and 1/2 to 1 cup of water. I cover the pan with aluminum foil from the bottom up and then the top down. I do this to avoid any excess liquid leaking out of the pan. Now, why am I telling you all of this and sharing my family's favorite recipe? MY OVEN CAUGHT ON FIRE THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!!! Smoke is one thing, flames are another.... The excess fat and liquid leaked out of the pan. When I opened the oven door because we smelled smoke the flames grew larger and were shooting out of the oven. What do I do next? I Panicked!

Choices of what to do?

a) water? no, oil and water do not mix!

b) baking soda? sure but who has time to find it!

c) fire extinguisher ? Yes, but how does it work?

d) call 911!!!!!!

I did put out the fire with the extinguisher and then the fire department arrived. They recommended I call the professionals who service the ovens to assure that all would be in working order. And then we commenced the cleaning of all the white powder that somehow ended up all over the kitchen. How could I have done things differently ? Simple answer after the fact. TURN OFF THE OVEN AND CLOSE THE DOOR!! Oxygen can not get in to the closed oven and therefore the flames would extinguish on their own. You learn something new everyday. The silver lining is we will know what to do if this ever happens again! Make sure you have a fire extinguisher near your kitchen at all times. I hope the blog is enlightening and enjoy your brisket !

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